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A Historic Event & Wedding Venue in Toronto
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On its own, or in conjunction with Arcadian Loft, Arcadian Court provides a customizable space like no other in the city of Toronto. Originally opened in 1929, the Arcadian Court has a deep and rich history as a Toronto institution. It has hosted many monumental events including Toronto’s first auto show; the Toronto Symphony Orchestra’s first radio broadcasts; performances by entertainment legends such as Liberace; and Sotheby’s first auction outside of Britain, just to name a few.

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celebrating since 1929

Renovations carried out by interior design firm DeSignum Design—now forming part of Turner Fleischer Architects Inc.—, stripped back layers of walls and flooring that had been added over the years, reclaiming approximately five feet around the perimeter, and opening up 8 of the 16 grand arches in the mezzanine that were once closed off. The firm both restored the squared off arches and added four feet in height, accentuating their grandeur. The Court is now a revitalized 8,086 square foot gem, featuring improved acoustics, beautiful chandeliers—which are a contemporary, deconstructed take on the original Lalique crystal chandeliers—and an opened-up mezzanine, whose span offers a 360° view.

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